Rain In The Forecast? Here's How To Proceed With Your Move

When you're getting ready to move homes, you likely have your fingers crossed for good weather. Unfortunately, there's nothing that you can do to influence the weather, and when your moving day arrives, you simply have to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Rain on your moving day is definitely a hassle, but it doesn't have to sink your progress. If you're carefully monitoring the forecast and see that the weather will be a factor, there are a series of simple things that you can do to make the day go smoothly and protect your possessions. [Read More]

3 Ways Newlywed Couples Can Take Advantage Of Storage Unit Rentals

Weddings are hectic times, often filled with lots of planning and gathering of items before the big day arrives. After the wedding is truly the best time to relax and enjoy your time as a married couple. As you settle into your new life with your spouse, there are a lot of changes that come along with it. A wedding seems to not only put a new ring on your hand, but it can create a lot of clutter. [Read More]

4 Essential Self-Storage Tips

If you have never used a self-storage unit before, there are a few tricks you should learn beforehand that will make your move easier and keep your belongings in the condition that you left them. Here are four tips that can help you avoid some simple mistakes that some people make when using self-storage. Use Plywood to Stabilize Stacked Boxes No matter how big your storage unit is, there will almost always come a point where the only way left to go is up. [Read More]

Understanding 3 Self-Storage Insurance Options

Keeping your most valued possessions in your self-storage unit safe and sound depends on more than just a good lock. You'll also have to consider what might happen to your stuff if a tornado, flood or some other natural disaster happens. Having adequate self-storage insurance can help you replace or repair your belongings if they're damaged, destroyed or stolen. There are many different avenues you can take when it comes to insuring your personal belongings. [Read More]