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Rain In The Forecast? Here's How To Proceed With Your Move

When you're getting ready to move homes, you likely have your fingers crossed for good weather. Unfortunately, there's nothing that you can do to influence the weather, and when your moving day arrives, you simply have to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Rain on your moving day is definitely a hassle, but it doesn't have to sink your progress. If you're carefully monitoring the forecast and see that the weather will be a factor, there are a series of simple things that you can do to make the day go smoothly and protect your possessions. Here's how to proceed.

Tarp Between The House And Truck

Whether you've hired a moving service or you've taking a do-it-yourself approach, you'll likely plan to have the moving truck backed up in your driveway as close to your house as possible. A close proximity between the truck and house means that there's a shorter distance through which to carry your items in the rain, but they can still get wet and potentially damaged. In advance of the move, buy a large camping tarp. Once the truck is in position, you can rig the tarp up between the top of the truck and the top of your house's garage door or front door. This makeshift shelter will keep your items, you, and your helpers dry between the house and truck.

Wrap Sensitive Items In Plastic Wrap

You should also invest in plenty of clear plastic wrap. This clingy film is a valuable ally on a rainy moving day. For any items that will potentially be exposed to the elements and at risk of getting damaged, you can thoroughly wrap them in the plastic wrap. By covering the entire exterior of such items, you'll be able to quickly carry them through the rain without damage. The plastic wrap will come off quickly afterward and won't damage your possessions.

Arrange Indoor And Outdoor People

In many cases, those helping you move will carry items from the truck and place them into your new home. However, on a rainy day, their wet boots and even water droplets off their clothing can make a mess inside. To avoid such a problem, arrange your helpers so that some are exclusively working inside and others are exclusively working outside. The outside crew can hand off items at the door to those inside the house, who can then place the items where they need to go without unduly adding wetness to your new house.

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