Saving Money On Storage

3 Ways Newlywed Couples Can Take Advantage Of Storage Unit Rentals

Weddings are hectic times, often filled with lots of planning and gathering of items before the big day arrives. After the wedding is truly the best time to relax and enjoy your time as a married couple. As you settle into your new life with your spouse, there are a lot of changes that come along with it. A wedding seems to not only put a new ring on your hand, but it can create a lot of clutter. Help manage everything and stay organized after your wedding day with a storage unit rentals. There are multiple advantages of using a rental unit and each method will help you start your married life on the right track.

Minimizing Furniture & Repeat Items

After a wedding, many couples move in together. When coming from separate homes or apartments, there may be a lot of repeat items that are not needed in a single house. For example, you may not need multiple beds, dishwashers or large living room couches. As you figure out your new home together, a storage unit can help you store all of the extra furniture and duplicate items. Moving companies can also help you transport furniture to both your new home or a storage unit. This can help eliminate the hassle and extra work right after a wedding.

These items are good for back-ups, but they can also be safely held in a storage unit until you are ready to sell them or give them away. The use of the unit can really cut down on the clutter in your home and allow you to make positive choices together. You can also use the unit to store seasonal items that you do not need right after the wedding. For example, if your wedding is in the summer, a storage unit can be used to hold Christmas decorations, snowboards, or home items like space heaters. This can really help keep spaces clutter-free and help streamline your first weeks as a married couple.

Wedding Gifts

With each wedding guest spending around $60 to $180 on gifts or cash, you may have a lot of items to haul off after your wedding is over. Instead of filling your home with appliances, boxes, and other items, you can use a storage unit to help stay organized. Once the wedding reception is over, it's easy to drop off the items at a storage unit and worry about it later. This gives you time to enjoy your honeymoon and all of the post-wedding activities that you have planned.

When you return back to the storage unit, you can go through the items, choose the ones you need for your home, and follow up on each present with a thank you card. Using plastic storage bins and markers is a great way to label the gifts and keep them organized throughout the unit.

Post-Wedding Storage

Along with all of the gifts you receive, there may be a number of actual wedding items left over after the ceremony. A storage unit can help you organize and sort all these items. For example, all of your formal wear including tuxedos and wedding dresses can be hung up inside of a storage unit. This will help keep them clean and protected. A number of wedding rentals can be kept in a storage unit until you need to return them. This includes lighting equipment, sound equipment, special props, or furniture used during the wedding day.

A storage unit is also a great place to store some of the keepsakes from your wedding day. For example, you may want to keep some of the extra table placement cards, centerpieces, or various wall decorations.

Storage units can be rented for different amounts of time, giving you a lot of options to help stay organized after your wedding day. Contacting a storage company is a good way to get estimates on various unit sizes. Go to sites for moving and storage companies to learn more about your options.