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Relocating? Easy Ways To Economize Your Move

Relocating can be a positive experience for many reasons. Perhaps it is necessary to take advantage of a better career or educational opportunity. Maybe it is to enjoy living near close friends or loved ones or to experience new adventures or even to garner the benefits of a more healthful climate or culture. No matter what reason you have for moving, the cost of the relocation process can sometimes place a strain on the family budget, especially if income is interrrupted or reduced during the actual move. If you are planning to move and are concerned about the potential costs involved, the following tips will help you shave some of the expense and make your move as economical as possible.

Pare down items to be moved

Moving companies determine the base price they must charge by the amount of furniture and possessions to be moved. This base price, or quote, takes into account all factors that will have a bearing on cost, such as weight, volume and the distance of the move, as well as any additional services or products that will be used. To make the move as economically as possible, families should consider eliminating all unnecessary items well before the date of the move.

To do this efficiently, begin sorting through each room of the home a few months in advance or as soon as you confirm that you will be moving. Look for and set aside all: 

  • clothing, furnishings or toys that are damaged, outgrown or no longer wanted or needed
  • non-working appliances and electronics, or those that you may be planning to replace immediately after the move
  • sporting equipment, games and hobby and craft items that are no longer used by family members
  • textbooks, magazines and other reading materials that are no longer needed
  • kitchen gadgets, cookware and dishes that are no longer used
  • materials left over from recent renovation projects

Consider selling or donating items that are in good repair to keep from having to pay the cost of moving them to your new home. Recycle all non-working, broken or damaged item,s and consider leaving unused home renovation materials for the new occupant or offering them to a neighbor.

If you intend to replace your appliances once you are moved into the new home, plan to advertise your current ones for sale a week or two before the move and have the buyers pick them up on the day before you will move out.  

Store some items to retrieve later

If your current home is near friends or family members that you will be driving back to visit after you move, consider asking them if you can store some of your items in their garage, basement or shed. Each time you visit, you can load up the car with some of these items for the trip back home, saving money on your initial cost of moving. 

DIY your appliance prep

Moving companies usually offer additional services to prepare appliances so that they can be moved without damaging them. If your moving company charges for these services, consider learning how to prepare the family fridge, dishwasher and other appliances in order to make the moving costs more economical.  

Plan to utilize wasted space in family vehicles

If your new home is within driving distance of your former one, consider saving money on moving expenses by planning to move heavy items like books or delicate items such as glassware in your family vehicle. When doing this, decide which items would be best moved in this manner and make sure you let the moving company know so they can be excluded from your quote. 

Book early and ask about any available discounts

Since most moving companies experience their heaviest volumes during school breaks and near the end of the year, contact your moving company to reserve their services for the dates you need as soon as you know that you will be moving. Ask the customer representative if they are offering any discounts for scheduling during the slower periods, coupons or special incentives to help you economize your move. 

For more information and tips, start contacting local moving companies